Saturday, 26 November 2011

Children In Need

As most of you will know, it was CiN last Friday. For those abroad, Children in Need is a huge UK charity and has an annual major fundraising day which involves schools and workplaces doing fun things to raise money. This is all then followed by an evening of television with sketches, live performances, charity films etc. It's a great cause so check out their website BBC - Children in Need - Changing Children's Lives and take a moment to donate if you can. Thanks :)

Anyway, my school had a mufti day and had to wear spots and stripes. There were crazy hat competitions, dress up the teacher, coin races, tuck sales and face painting. Best of all, our Deputy Head wore a dress and some impressive heels. He's a man, just so you know ;) There was also a Pudsey cake competition by the food technology department. Pudsey is the CIN mascot, a yellow teddy with a spotty head bandana. Of course I entered! I wanted to do a sponge cake but the entry requirements stated that they had to be six fairy  cakes. I won, but Mr Goldsmith (judge and food tech teacher) still hasn't given me my prize! Gosh(!)

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Savannah and Poppy's cake

I was commissioned to provide the cake for my friend's birthday lunch with extended family. She wanted to share it with her cousin, Poppy so I designed it with both of them in mind. Savannah's criteria was: rainbow, gold leaves, pink and red flowers. I decided to create some poppies and pink flowers of a random kind. This was my first time making flowers out of fondant. I was quite happy with the result and the entire family loved it, even the little ones! Anyway, hope you like it :)