Saturday, 16 June 2012

CSI Cake

I've finished my GCSEs! I did my last one yesterday morning and instead of celebrating by getting drunk (which is the apparent 'norm' for people my age) I spent all day on a cake commission. It was for my friend's little sister and she had a CSI themed party today. This cake was so much fun, especially the blood around the victim's body trace! For that and the magnifying 'glass', I boiled up some sugar to hard ball stage and added food dye. The photos don't really show it but there is a piped 'fingerprint' under the magnifying glass. Everything on this cake is edible. The black fondant looks quite grubby, photos were taken before I did a clean up. The magnifying 'glass' has small bubbles in it so it's not fantastically clear.
P.S. I was so tempted to keep the mini forensic scientist for myself! He's so cute, look at his little face!