Sunday, 7 October 2012


I made a Sherlock cake for Savannah's 17th last week and took it to the party. It should have had another layer of cake, but I ran out of time, hence the odd cake to cakeboard transition.. Very messy..
I chose to have each side representing something Sherlocky as Savannah is a massive Sherlockian!
Anyway, thank you to Savannah for organising an insanely good party :)
Love Tasha xxx

Thursday, 4 October 2012


I did a Sherlock cake last week! However, I cannot find the memory card reader and so the photos are stuck on the camera! Hold on, it will make an appearance soon!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

CSI Cake

I've finished my GCSEs! I did my last one yesterday morning and instead of celebrating by getting drunk (which is the apparent 'norm' for people my age) I spent all day on a cake commission. It was for my friend's little sister and she had a CSI themed party today. This cake was so much fun, especially the blood around the victim's body trace! For that and the magnifying 'glass', I boiled up some sugar to hard ball stage and added food dye. The photos don't really show it but there is a piped 'fingerprint' under the magnifying glass. Everything on this cake is edible. The black fondant looks quite grubby, photos were taken before I did a clean up. The magnifying 'glass' has small bubbles in it so it's not fantastically clear.
P.S. I was so tempted to keep the mini forensic scientist for myself! He's so cute, look at his little face!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Vworp Vworp!

DOCTOOOOR! You've parked your ruddy TARDIS in the middle of my cake!

This was awesome. Yeah. I have to say so myself. I am a huge Whovian and this was so much fun to create! Plus it was the first time I've ever played with Rice Krispie Treats. They are good for moulding, albeit a little heavy - hence the sinking.
The cake itself was sprayed with silver glitter which made my entire kitchen sparkly for days. I wanted to make a huge TARDIS but I realised the stacking issues I would have with the cakes and I didn't want to go down the dowelling route. (Dowelling is an internal structure of sticks called dowels. They prevent everything from collapsing) So I made a huge RKT cake topper and a cake and it all went on from there.
In hindsight, I should have dowelled under the TARDIS because it sank overnight and was leaning horribly. It's not the neatest cake in the world but I was chuffed with it anyway. Plus it tasted pretty darn good as I used my special super moist, super chocolatey and super rich cake recipe.

Hope you like it!
Love Tash xxx

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Hi all,
I keep meaning to put up two of my most recent cakes but I'm on study leave and it's a bit crazy ("but here's my number. So call me maybe") *Ahem* Yeah, so exams are all full speed ahead and I can't tell up from down right now. I've had to turn down two cake jobs *insert tears here* and this blog my be a bit angry with me for a while. Someone call the RSPCB! (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Blogs) 
I will try my very hardest to upload something tomorrow night as I'll be babysitting and procrastinating from revision for my French exam on Thursday. 

Okay. I really need to revise for Food Technology, clean up the mess of a decapitated mouse and wrangle  another out of the cat's mouth. 
Love you all *waves*

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Buntings and owls....

I think this is one of my favourite cakes, ever! I've recently invested in some lovely new dyes and one was a baby blue which I adore! I decided to use it for my friend's cake and also incorporate some nice colour contrasts, bright pink and purple (another new dye). I spent ages designing this and I was very pleased with the outcome! I'm very aware that there's a horribly untidy gap between the icing at the bottom of the cake and the cake board. If anyone has any tips on how to avoid this, then please do comment :)

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Harry Potter Cake

I made this Harry Potter cake last week for a friend's birthday. I was mad busy with other stuff so I only had around 2 hours to decorate it. 
The black bandage and colours at the top are slightly cracked and very imperfect because I was so rushed. I used the Gryffindor colours as well as making a Golden Snitch and Deathly Hallows symbols. The Golden Snitch was made with yellow fondant which I then painted gold and I cut wings out of gumpaste. With the gumpaste wings, I cut and painted them. I then left them to dry overnight on a rolling pin so that they would be slightly curved. I had made small hollows in the body of the snitch so I could insert them with sugar glue. Unfortunately, one wing snapped off in the car as we went over a pothole. I was kicking myself! If I was to ever attempt gumpaste figure like this again, I'd assemble it on site which is what a lot of intelligent bakers do! I used a LOT of gold and silver paint! Anyway, it went down brilliantly and I was pretty satisfied with my work.

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Charlie the Unicorn

So, it was Gemma's birthday a month ago and I had made her the pony stable cake for the previous birthday which was a huge success even though it wasn't one of my best cakes. Gemma LOVES Charlie the Unicorn so naturally... a Charlie the Unicorn cake!

My other buddies, Katie, Tom and Misha made a Candy Mountain cake to accompany it, but unfortunately I don't have pictures *sad face*.

I wasn't as careful with this cake as I should have been so the icing is horribly jagged and cracked. I hated myself for this as it's one of the things I struggle with in decorating. I'm trying though!

Love Tash xxx

Monday, 12 March 2012

Christmas Cake

A very late upload the other Christmas cake I decorated for a family friend's present.

The fondant is quite damaged as my mum forgot to take pictures and packed it up in foil inside a tin. *facepalm*. Fondant goes quite soft if kept in a tin, and with a foil wrapping - it is quite malleable and so you get foil crinkles. I tried to make a Christmas tree shape with the stars but I had about an hour to do the cake before the Christmas post closed... sooo it's not that great...