Saturday, 7 January 2012

Christmas cake!

I offered to marzipan, ice and decorate my Dad's christmas cake this year. By this time I had the tiniest amount of modelling icing left due to decorating a yule log with ten year old triplets, decorating another christmas cake and a gingerbread house. So I decided to do a very minimalistic but classy design. 

Each star went alternated between sparkly silver and gold which looked so cool!

Mini baubles on the christmas trees!

Blog Update

I am now back from skiing and my blog has returned to trusty English. I've done some pondering and pandering and decided that I'm going to set up a new blog purely for my witterings. So I shall transfer all non-cakey thoughts on there. This blog will purely be for nommy cakes.
If you are a fan of my mad thoughts (are you crazy?!) then go HERE --->

Thanks to all :)