Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Harry Potter Cake

I made this Harry Potter cake last week for a friend's birthday. I was mad busy with other stuff so I only had around 2 hours to decorate it. 
The black bandage and colours at the top are slightly cracked and very imperfect because I was so rushed. I used the Gryffindor colours as well as making a Golden Snitch and Deathly Hallows symbols. The Golden Snitch was made with yellow fondant which I then painted gold and I cut wings out of gumpaste. With the gumpaste wings, I cut and painted them. I then left them to dry overnight on a rolling pin so that they would be slightly curved. I had made small hollows in the body of the snitch so I could insert them with sugar glue. Unfortunately, one wing snapped off in the car as we went over a pothole. I was kicking myself! If I was to ever attempt gumpaste figure like this again, I'd assemble it on site which is what a lot of intelligent bakers do! I used a LOT of gold and silver paint! Anyway, it went down brilliantly and I was pretty satisfied with my work.

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