Sunday, 7 October 2012


I made a Sherlock cake for Savannah's 17th last week and took it to the party. It should have had another layer of cake, but I ran out of time, hence the odd cake to cakeboard transition.. Very messy..
I chose to have each side representing something Sherlocky as Savannah is a massive Sherlockian!
Anyway, thank you to Savannah for organising an insanely good party :)
Love Tasha xxx


  1. I love your cake! I am shocked at how how neat your letters are :)

  2. Your cake is awesome! I want to make a Sherlock themed cake for my friend and was wondering what you used to cut the letters out with? Also did you use sugarpaste to create 'Sherlock' and the apple and was all the decoration made out of fondant icing? Thanks :)